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It's Good to be the Queen

Long Live Me!

The Young Victoria
 So I've just finished watching a film called "The Young Victoria" about the early years and marriage of Queen Victoria of England. It stars Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend, along with a group of recognizable and talented actors (Jim Broadbent! <3). I, being so interested in Victorian era England, wanted to see this movie for so long but did not have the opportunity until now. 
It was beautiful, to get right to it. The film that, I believe was 100 minutes, was much too short. I was aching to know more, to know more about the monarchy, the politics of England, the life of the people at the time and more sexy Victorian sex scenes ^.^. The costumes were sumptuous, the decor delectable, the scenery breath-taking. 
I've always love historical movies about the monarchy, and in light of the recent wedding of the Princess of Sweden (also named Victoria, her marriage to a commoner, how romantic!), it piqued my interest. I can remember having pictures of Prince William of England over my bed and praying to become his first love and subsequently, a princess. Although those dreams seem far from reality and close to distant fantasy, I still hold onto the idea of becoming royalty. Not royalty with a crown and title, but just behaving and living like royalty. Acting with class, dignity, and respect, holding myself with poise and grace. Many girls my own age believe that being a princess means being a spoiled brat, acting entitled and rude. I look to Princess Diane and Queen Victoria sooner than Paris Hilton. Although sometimes I believe at times I was meant to be among the world of nobles and gentry more than contemporary times of reality tv and "strippercize", I don't think that there is any reason to act how my environment would have me be. 
I may never be a real princess but I can always wear a crown on my heart. 
I'm also in deep need of a bonnet and more floral crowns! 

Japanese emos
So I found this, I don't know how, but I have to put it somewhere. Two words. Japanese. Emos.

Let me ask you. How is it that the japanese do our own sub cultures better than we do? Punk, goth, Emos they all look better than we do. How? How? 

The Internet is Made of FUN!
Okay lately I've needed some cheering up because my life sucks big hairy balls, so these are the things that have made me smile, curtisy of the youtubies
From me to you <3
1) Auto Tune the News. This is amazing, and if the news was like this I'd be watching this shit all the time. I'd even watch Fox News if it was in this format..... scratch that, no i wouldn't. They could have Robert Pattinson shirtless rubbing butter on his chest 24/7 and I wouldn't watch Fox News fuck them

2)Three Six Mafia vs. Alice in Wonderland- Smokin on Some Dro - People that know me, know I love Alice in Wonderland, and they also know, I hate rap music. I especially hate the Three Six Mafia for their revolting and infantile lyrics BUT put that shit together with some top notch editing and it's gold! Seriously, I want to find this girl when she graduates college so she can edit my films, she's only in her 2nd year and she makes this shit???? Yes. You are a genuis. A pothead. But a genius. Disney didn't intend on this shit!

3) Creepy Rapist Pedophile Beards - um this made me scream a little when I first saw it, I couldn't finish it cause I was too scared/laughing too hard to keep going. This poor unfortunate bastard was born with the face of a serial killer. I think it's funny because he really encompasses the mouth breathing, unflinching stare, dead eyes look of a sexual predator. Anyway! Take a look!

4) Bing Bong Brothers. So I love Lonely Planet, more than I love myself, but less than I love Hello Kitty. Get it straight. So this is kinda an old video and its awesome. I could listen to this while cruising on the interstate with the top down on my invisible convertible. Yeahhh. The sad thing is it's based off of a real song.... that is essentially the same lyrics. Look at this video, then look at their penises, then let them look at your boobies in your shirt. 5)Romantic French Language by Cupcake and Tea - so lolita vlogs are on the rise and this girl is tres adorable. She basically plays straight man to herself in this video and.... comes on to some dude in french. Its very cute ^.^ And while listening to it.... my hearing came back! Yeah!

When you're feeling sad and low
So my life has been shit lately..... eh and it won't get better for quite some time. I've been inside nursing a sinus infection, reading romance novels and listening to music that makes me happy. Here's the music that makes me the happiest. Maybe it can make you happy too?

Top 5 Feel Good Songs:

1) TommyFebruary - Lonely in Gorgeous - i always imagine ParaKiss whenever I hear this, its so hard not to think of yourself as Yukari chasing after bad boy George and looking so good while doing it.

2) Yelle - Tristesse/ Joie - Yelle makes me happy period, her infectious pop is fantastic, but when Tristesse turns into Joie it makes my ass wanna boogie

3) Robyn - Konnichiwa Bitches - the lyrics are just so silly and cute and the music video is so racist cute you can't help but love it

4) Verka Seduchka - Danzig - i love trannies, thats pretty much it

5) Unlucky Bat Princess Fukoumori - Theme - this my theme song and it's creppy lullabie melody makes me want to gather all the other children of the corn and have a tea party

Writer's Block: Place of Residence
Describe your dream house (even if it's not a house).
Lets see...
I have multiple dream houses but this is the one that is the most bizarre and the one I want the most.

A Victorian style house, hopefully with a history of murder committed on the grounds (to add character), it shall be nested on a hill with a long driveway and high iron gate to keep the paparrazi and nosey neighbors away
Ivy covers the decrepid walls of the outside, but once on the inside the smell of jasmine is fragrant in the air, ever present and haunting. The walls are covered in purple and black brocade velvet wallpaper and on the corners of the walls, engorged cherubs are carved into the ceilings, watching the guests oppressively.
The furniture is remeniscent of the palace of versailles, soft, luxurious fabrics and vibrant colors. Candlelit lines the narrow hallways through the seemingly endless row of doors, doors with no doorknobs, doors with mysterious sounds emitting from them, doors with deep, nail scratches lined along their length.
There are multiple bedrooms, baths, a large dining room, a library only accessible by secret door, a fencing room, a gym, a ballroom, a private theater, a trophy room, two studies, a conference room, a spa/salon, and a lap pool. Just the necessary rooms, not too many.
Out behind the house, in the dense, dizzying fog of the marshy hills, is a stable where my horses and dogs are kept, the labrynth, the family cemetery, and the garden. Further beyond is the black black forest, where all manner of unwelcoming beast make their home, their glowing eyes and screeching howls keep their presence known.
This is my country home, of course, where I would raise the children, nothing too weird.

Unlucky Bat Princess aka My Autobiography

So apparently they made a video game based on my life. Ah japan.... i love you. Does anyone know how to get this game or who sings this song? I need to have this song

Change my mind!

elouai's doll maker 3

So the last guy didn't work out....
But! This new guy. just might be the one. He's sweet, attentive, rich, and may or may not be the anti-christ. But he's my perfect man. What do you guys think? XD

this scares me..... it really really scares me

darth princess will EEET you

(no subject)

This is my boyfriend. Introduce yourselves.

Roommates, barely friends
Time has robbed us once again
Taken to the level
Winter came and lulled us asleep
Awaken, you had left me
What words could I say
To make you change your mind
I closed my eyes to your cries
What wouldn't I give
To hear your screams again
Pluck my eyes
Tear my tongue
Like Oedipus I will crawl
Unable to lie to you
Throw down glass
Onto my path, trails of blood
Will lead you back to me
We lied on roots
Of dead arbor
When spring came, I stayed still
Shook off the cold
And left me
To freeze in my shell
What wouldn't I
do to get you back